• Ultralisk Defense

    preview of Ultralisk Defense

    A defense game play it good guys hope this gets dled more then the Infested Training map I made.

  • Chronicle of the Swarm

    preview of Chronicle of the Swarm

    Two Zerg Cerebrates are tasked with the protection of vital chrysali until the beings within them emerge. Featuring custom voicing, this co-operative campaign mission is guaranteed to keep you guessing throughout the level. The AI is very keen on going al

  • Starcraft Hero Arena 2.01

    preview of Starcraft Hero Arena 2.01

    [i]A New Starcraft Scenario Map made by Me ! OFC XD . . The Rebel Dragoons and Zealot has invaded an area of the arctic snows , take it away from them and kill the boss rooms! - The Super Mob * Sub-Boss [ Edmund Duke ] - The 5 Royal Ultralisks

  • The Truth is Revealed

    preview of The Truth is Revealed

    The fourth in a Zerg Campaign, known as War of the Scars Map Set: Ice 256x256 Difficulty Level: 6 moderately hard please, i would prefer, if you change this, to give credits to me. there are 27 maps total. and, as a future reminder, anytime one of

  • Pokemon RPG Remix

    preview of Pokemon RPG Remix

    I didn't technically "make" the map. I just redid the terrain and removed all the doodads. All Credits to original makers are still there. Yup. I just remixed it a little. Still in Beta Version!!! Pokemon RPG: Gotta Catch 'em All! Go through whil

  • Escape into Space

    preview of Escape into Space

    The third in a Zerg Campaign, known as War of the Scars Map Set: Space 192x192 Difficulty Level: 4 kinda simple please, i would prefer, if you change this, to give credits to me. there are 27 maps total. and, as a future reminder, anytime one of th

  • Oaths of Duran

    preview of Oaths of Duran

    The first in a Zerg Campaign, known as War of the Scars Map Set: Char 192x96 Difficulty Level: 6 moderately hard Created By: DAmicoThunder. please, i would prefer, if you change this, to give credits to me. there are 27 maps total. and, as a fut

  • Over The River.scm

    preview of Over The River.scm

    (2)Over The River To simplify and organize my collection of melee maps I make, I will be posting them in this project. The "newest version" is the latest map I have made.

  • DotA AllStars v1.9.scx

    preview of DotA AllStars v1.9.scx

    DotA AllStars Thank You For Downloading My Map If You Get Some Bug/Error ,(For question or suggestion) Contact me On: nightdead20@yahoo.ca Now what do you think? Any suggestion. Version Of Map : DotA Allstars v1.9 Fix Bug:

  • 5-way.scx

    preview of 5-way.scx

    dont think wrong when you see the title but its a good map ive played it and dont worry the minerals and vespene gas both have 50000 resources

  • T2) "Act of War"

    preview of T2) "Act of War"

    The first playable mission of fully-voiced co-operative campaign "Caverns of the Skies". Players must once again engage the Dominion in battle, but this time, the battlefield is the flagship "New Dyron". Crafted by Pr0nogo | Pronogo@hotmail.com

  • Impossible Dunes

    preview of Impossible Dunes

    Impossible Scenarios: Dunes is a three-player version of the popular Impossible Scenarios maps that has a slightly different take on the normal Impossible gameplay. It's credited to my old Battle.net account, Buon@U.S.East. My current account is Pr0nog

  • Survival Defense

    preview of Survival Defense

    This is a map I've edited, not made by uploader, has instant units.

  • Attack on the Confederacy

    preview of Attack on the Confederacy

    A three-player co-op campaign mission, featuring custom voicing, that has players defend the Overmind from Confederate attacks. Tasked with the destruction of the Confederates, the Cerebrates must work together in order to take down the three massive Conf

  • Sexcraft Brood Whores!!.scx

    preview of Sexcraft Brood Whores!!.scx

    Sexcraft: Brood Whores Disclaminer: Intended for Mature audiences In Sexcraft: Brood Whores the Starcraft world is transformed into a perverted world where everybody has a dirty name (teehee). Our heroes soon discover a horrible truth about their gir

  • The Briefing Movie.scm

    preview of The Briefing Movie.scm

    The Briefing Movie - the entire game takes place in the briefing. Listen and read as Kerrigan encounters Bill Clinton. Probably should be rated R for sexual contention and discussion and to some extent brief nudity. by MillenniumArmy in 2002.

  • Random Mission - Protoss II

    preview of Random Mission - Protoss II

    Original Characters: Dublin (from Random Mission - Zerg I and II *The Commander of Dublin's Terran Militia*) Zengar, himself (from Random Mission - Protoss I *Zengar's Observer Forces*) Almunden (from Random Mission - Protoss I *He was the corsair from

  • David Challenges You!

    preview of David Challenges You!

    18 rounds total. If you lose one round = defeat. You should try to save the game whenever you're in the next round so you don't need to redo it when you fail. To be able to beat this map you need: 1. vulture control (using patrol click behind vulture's

  • Zen Master Land

    preview of Zen Master Land

    The New "Zen Master Land", by Filosephy. -Original S.C. + S.C.BW. -From the creator of SNOWBALL HEAVEN! ***Thank-you to the person who said, keep it up man. ****All Inspiration came this time, by sitting @ Home. Thank-you All For Your Suppo

  • Monopoly 1.01.scx

    The board game Monopoly copied exactly onto Starcraft; completed 6/12/2009 with 1915 triggers. Recommended 3-4 players. Turn by turn controls occur in the center of the map using a civilian, and trading/mortgaging/houses are done out of inventories for e

  • Mineral Infestation

    preview of Mineral Infestation

    Zergs have desenvolved a toxin capable of accelerating mineral growth and used it on the calm planet of Shakas. Now the planet is hell of minerals, economic attractive to the Federation. The Federation set up a base there, but we recently lost contact wit