• Nazi Defense Ti-Easy2.0.scx

    preview of Nazi Defense Ti-Easy2.0.scx

    Nazi Defense Titanium 2.0 -Now 30 Levels -Cannon/Turret Stack -Redistribute Quitters -Stim Researched Updated by N? - Quest - Andy Akira - NDzPie Titanium 30 v2.0 + Stack Newbie Mode USEAST: Channel: Op 1337 USWEST: Channel: Clan 1337 NDzPie

  • A.I. Splash Def.scx

    preview of A.I. Splash Def.scx

    By Touchpad_Master Like Splash Def and A.I. Lurker Def. Have Fun! Thanks To:XxXconXxX Start waves by moving your unit in the top right corner on beacon to its right. Units you build for defense (F10 J for list of what makes what) can only be gi

  • Lurker D 18 Way Solo

    preview of Lurker D 18 Way Solo

    Lurker D 18 way solo requires RED but only the person who leaks will loose Anouther Map for those who hate loosen because of noobs

  • PsiCross.scx

    preview of PsiCross.scx

    (4) PsiCross A large area and a lot of resources. You air force will need to be strong.

  • Random Mission - Protoss Final

    preview of Random Mission - Protoss Final

    USE MAP SETTINGS Suggested Player: 1 Difficulty: Medium (and then becomes easy) Objective: Rescue Sharos (a Hero Dark Templar) and some of his guards. Kill any foes you encounter. Story: New characters introduced as well as older characters (my

  • Maplestory RPG

    preview of Maplestory RPG

    New Special Force!!!! ___________ In BroodWar!| ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ Made By Fearblood Dont repload plz NOT GOOD VERSION! DONT DOWLOAD THIS MAP [BUG]!!!

  • Galactic Gunnerz v1.scx

    preview of Galactic Gunnerz v1.scx

    [size=16]Overview:[/size] This is a defense map. Basically. It plays out a bit simpler than most maps I'm used to making, but clocking at one and a half months in the making, it's not really what I'd call a simple map anymore :lol: . Commentary aside, le

  • (8)Darmenlion

    preview of (8)Darmenlion

    ~no hunter free for all map. look up the style of game. learn to love it.

  • Hunters on Auir(v1.2b).scx

    preview of Hunters on Auir(v1.2b).scx

    (8)Hunters on Auir(v1.2b) Idea from the famous map Hunters. High yield resources make the map perfect for defense (Suggested for Terran with Bunker mode). Real time-killer. Take your time to kill your enemy. Nuke your way to victory. Enjoy ;)

  • Hunters on Auir(v1.2).scx

    preview of Hunters on Auir(v1.2).scx

    (8)Hunters on Auir(v1.2) Idea from the famous map: Hunters. Learn to play Star Craft with normal resources. Expand or die! Recommended for Melee(Player vs. CPU) or FFA. Enjoy ;) @Jimmy'84@

  • Attack on the Confederacy

    preview of Attack on the Confederacy

    A three-player co-op campaign mission, featuring custom voicing, that has players defend the Overmind from Confederate attacks. Tasked with the destruction of the Confederates, the Cerebrates must work together in order to take down the three massive Conf

  • Attack on the Confederacy II

    preview of Attack on the Confederacy II

    In the fully-voiced sequel to "Attack on the Confederacy", players must defend their own bases against Confederate attacks while combating rogue Terran pirates by the name of "The Red Hand". Crafted by Pr0nogo | Pronogo@hotmail.com

  • Pokemon Open RPG

    preview of Pokemon Open RPG

    This is my second original map, I wanted to make a true RPG version of pokemon which were mostly just carbon copies of the DBZ/arena type maps. I was working on it over a year ago but RL came up and I was forced to stop it is still very glitch heavy bu

  • Lurker Elements The Return.scx

    preview of Lurker Elements The Return.scx

    Lurker Elements The Return Diablo has been defeated.. but a new enemy has arose! -Made by 38376184 2 years have passed since the First Impact. Although Hell's Forces has been defeated, they've left a eerie fog floating above the land. This fog, as

  • Lurker Elements II ReMiX.scx

    preview of Lurker Elements II ReMiX.scx

    Lurker Elements II ReMiX By Aliens-8-MyDad and AzNFLaMe^ScC^ Hell has froze over since the last attack on earth. But now, they are back. Please help save the earth from Satans powers by using the powers of your elements. Dont let any of Hell's for

  • Lurker D Acrosstix-Final.scx

    preview of Lurker D Acrosstix-Final.scx

    Made By: Mystic Modified By: CalmTerror & Kupoz This game is simple. Defend your line (Horizontal or Vertical). Create a wall to stop computer units from passing. In this version, you can buy an overlord for $12. Buying an overlord will give you a

  • Highlanders.scx

    preview of Highlanders.scx

    Highlanders Fight for domination and immortality in an arctic environment. Designer: Steiner (steinerinc@gmail.com) Melee, Top vs Bottom A multiplayer tournament-style map, the key to victory is support from allies on outer islands. players

  • $$$Micro 3 Rivers$$$

    preview of $$$Micro 3 Rivers$$$

    Destroy and build Golems. Map Upgraded By: Golem. Master. All 4 Golem Part Combos created by Golem.Master

  • Global Domination III BW

    preview of Global Domination III BW

    Global Domination III BW A modernized Global Domination incorporating Broodwar Units.. Created By: No-Name-Needed As economies emerge through out the Globe Many World Powers vie for supremacy and more importantly for OIL... Select from one of four sup

  • Defenders

    preview of Defenders

    Defend from about 2000 supply of all 3 races, air and ground. Build up your defenses for 15 minutes(It takes 1/4 the time to build units and building and SCVs, Probes, Drones, and buildings have 4 times more life than normal). You start out with an extr

  • Over The River.scm

    preview of Over The River.scm

    (2)Over The River To simplify and organize my collection of melee maps I make, I will be posting them in this project. The "newest version" is the latest map I have made.

  • Survival Horror #1

    preview of Survival Horror #1

    You're 1 of 5 people mysteriously ended up in an installation. You and your teammates wants to survive and escape this installation so you'll have to solve puzzles and kill whatever enemies you see. Beware of traps and mysterious looking objects. There ar