• Galactic Gunnerz v1.scx

    preview of Galactic Gunnerz v1.scx

    [size=16]Overview:[/size] This is a defense map. Basically. It plays out a bit simpler than most maps I'm used to making, but clocking at one and a half months in the making, it's not really what I'd call a simple map anymore :lol: . Commentary aside, le

  • Hunters on Auir(v1.2).scx

    preview of Hunters on Auir(v1.2).scx

    (8)Hunters on Auir(v1.2) Idea from the famous map: Hunters. Learn to play Star Craft with normal resources. Expand or die! Recommended for Melee(Player vs. CPU) or FFA. Enjoy ;) @Jimmy'84@

  • Attack of The Niggas!

    preview of Attack of The Niggas!

    Niggas Attack! Complete with sounds and Music! PS. This game is not intended to be hateful agianst Black People, just to make fun of them!

  • Lurker Elements The Return.scx

    preview of Lurker Elements The Return.scx

    Lurker Elements The Return Diablo has been defeated.. but a new enemy has arose! -Made by 38376184 2 years have passed since the First Impact. Although Hell's Forces has been defeated, they've left a eerie fog floating above the land. This fog, as

  • Lurker Elements II ReMiX.scx

    preview of Lurker Elements II ReMiX.scx

    Lurker Elements II ReMiX By Aliens-8-MyDad and AzNFLaMe^ScC^ Hell has froze over since the last attack on earth. But now, they are back. Please help save the earth from Satans powers by using the powers of your elements. Dont let any of Hell's for

  • (7)CivilizationWorld 7.9.9D.scx

    preview of (7)CivilizationWorld 7.9.9D.scx

    Civilization World 7.9.9D 07/23/09 -Updated Briefing, Map Properties and other places to indicate the correct version. -Fixed the Top Right typo in briefing about the tutorial changing it to say Top Left instead. -Removed a computer Supply Ship (Hero

  • bound no. 125

    preview of bound no. 125

    Bound map 20 lives, kill the mutalisk for more level 12 is hard

  • Lurker D Acrosstix-Final.scx

    preview of Lurker D Acrosstix-Final.scx

    Made By: Mystic Modified By: CalmTerror & Kupoz This game is simple. Defend your line (Horizontal or Vertical). Create a wall to stop computer units from passing. In this version, you can buy an overlord for $12. Buying an overlord will give you a

  • Highlanders.scx

    preview of Highlanders.scx

    Highlanders Fight for domination and immortality in an arctic environment. Designer: Steiner (steinerinc@gmail.com) Melee, Top vs Bottom A multiplayer tournament-style map, the key to victory is support from allies on outer islands. players

  • Humans vs Computers

    preview of Humans vs Computers

    5 vs 3 Hard Computers. Everything is upgraded and special abilities are upgraded too. Max upgrade is 3 and you each get heroes when the match starts.

  • almost finished.scx

    preview of almost finished.scx

    Beta for my real map... Space War. AI scripts created by DarkSlayer77 at Nibbits... And in StarCraft or StarCraft 2 he is known as DarkSlayer... [url=http://sc.nibbits.com/gallery/images/view/418/][img]http://sc.nibbits.com/media/gallery/images/2011060

  • Survival Horror #1

    preview of Survival Horror #1

    You're 1 of 5 people mysteriously ended up in an installation. You and your teammates wants to survive and escape this installation so you'll have to solve puzzles and kill whatever enemies you see. Beware of traps and mysterious looking objects. There ar

  • Ultralisk Defense

    preview of Ultralisk Defense

    A defense game play it good guys hope this gets dled more then the Infested Training map I made.

  • Over The River.scm

    preview of Over The River.scm

    (2)Over The River To simplify and organize my collection of melee maps I make, I will be posting them in this project. The "newest version" is the latest map I have made.

  • Lunar Zombie Survival.scx

    preview of Lunar Zombie Survival.scx

    This map is a 1-4 player City-Zombie-Survival type map. You recieve 20 gas and 2 civilians (recruits) each succsesfully zombie wave pwned. Gas is used for building photon cannons, pylons, bunkers, supply depots(barricades), and missile turrets. The civili

  • Impossible Dunes

    preview of Impossible Dunes

    Impossible Scenarios: Dunes is a three-player version of the popular Impossible Scenarios maps that has a slightly different take on the normal Impossible gameplay. It's credited to my old Battle.net account, Buon@U.S.East. My current account is Pr0nog

  • Crystalline Park

    preview of Crystalline Park

    This map is located in the Kel-Morian Combine sector. Just as in the original mission, minerals are fuckin everywhere. Vespene Gas is not too scarce either; in fact, there is quite a substantial amount of Gas. You pretty much cannot run out of resources..

  • The Briefing Movie.scm

    preview of The Briefing Movie.scm

    The Briefing Movie - the entire game takes place in the briefing. Listen and read as Kerrigan encounters Bill Clinton. Probably should be rated R for sexual contention and discussion and to some extent brief nudity. by MillenniumArmy in 2002.

  • Dodge the Rapist - Insane 3.6

    preview of Dodge the Rapist - Insane 3.6

    Dodge the Rapist Insane, a map that involves teamwork in order to save your partners, your objective is to beat all the levels by making it completely across the map, the objects you dodge will vary, and will get tougher each level. To play this game and

  • UED Remnant (v1.0)

    preview of UED Remnant (v1.0)

    [i]"The UED forces where thought to have perished at the hands of the dreaded Queen of Blades. However, few could have predicted the implications of their research conducted on the Zerg..."[/i] Your infestation have only sped up your progress... With

  • DotA AllStars v1.9.scx

    preview of DotA AllStars v1.9.scx

    DotA AllStars Thank You For Downloading My Map If You Get Some Bug/Error ,(For question or suggestion) Contact me On: nightdead20@yahoo.ca Now what do you think? Any suggestion. Version Of Map : DotA Allstars v1.9 Fix Bug: