• ddd.scx

    preview of ddd.scx

    A battle in the desert, with a big mountain.

  • Diplomacy or War BX5

    preview of Diplomacy or War BX5

    Diplomacy or War 1939 BX5 The next edition [color=#81A7EF]Updated Final BETA[/color] [color=#CE091D] Buffer overflow removed. Crete (Greece) is moved to just under Greece Tribute of 500/1000 Starting units decreased by 30-35 Balancing Issues and co

  • Water Park.scx

    preview of Water Park.scx

    (2)Water Park - Lets all have fun in the water park, just don't get to cosy with the otherside.

  • Cold Rivers Phantom

    preview of Cold Rivers Phantom

    Hey there Phantom freaks... I made a Phantom style on ice terrain! The Map has a different system in choosing the phantom..

  • Four Cities

    preview of Four Cities

    this map boasts lots of room for wars and many resources but not much room for your buildings so plan accordingly. have fun just a few small changes from the original (not very noticeable changes aside from the fact that there is a little bit more room f

  • Pokemon Open RPG

    preview of Pokemon Open RPG

    This is my second original map, I wanted to make a true RPG version of pokemon which were mostly just carbon copies of the DBZ/arena type maps. I was working on it over a year ago but RL came up and I was forced to stop it is still very glitch heavy bu

  • Random Mission - Zerg Final

    preview of Random Mission - Zerg Final

    Random Mission Zerg Final: Last of my Random Mission Series Objective: Find crystal, mind control drone, build a base, then destroy Dublin and his base. Difficulty: (Sequence) Easy to Hard to Medium to Easy For the ghost hero: although he is a T

  • Attack on the Confederacy

    preview of Attack on the Confederacy

    A three-player co-op campaign mission, featuring custom voicing, that has players defend the Overmind from Confederate attacks. Tasked with the destruction of the Confederates, the Cerebrates must work together in order to take down the three massive Conf

  • Attack on the Confederacy II

    preview of Attack on the Confederacy II

    In the fully-voiced sequel to "Attack on the Confederacy", players must defend their own bases against Confederate attacks while combating rogue Terran pirates by the name of "The Red Hand". Crafted by Pr0nogo | Pronogo@hotmail.com

  • ApocalypseDesert

    preview of ApocalypseDesert

    This was my second map. Basically I started not knowing how it was going to end up and just started going along until it appears as it is now. It's best played for TvB however. The original slogan was "Can you survive the Apocalypse?" Anyways, hope you en

  • (8)Darmenlion

    preview of (8)Darmenlion

    ~no hunter free for all map. look up the style of game. learn to love it.

  • DBZ Battle Arena *Fusions*

    preview of DBZ Battle Arena *Fusions*

    DBZ Battle Arena Fusion is a micro/ survival game with Dbz charaters Fusion version adds more units through the added ability to fuze units

  • Rebuild of Evangelion RPG 46

    preview of Rebuild of Evangelion RPG 46

    It is 2015. Many years ago, Divine Wrath cleansed the Earth and turned it into a Dead Sea. Few, if any, know why. But now Angels have arrived to finish off mankind, to prevent the Lilim who hold the Fruit of Knowledge from obtaining the Sacred Fruit of

  • HJ Trailer [P].scx

    preview of HJ Trailer [P].scx

    {HJ} Trailer for a two player RPG that to my knowledge was never completed and released. Good trailer, nice effects, use of units, terrain and text.

  • Random Mission - Protoss Final

    preview of Random Mission - Protoss Final

    USE MAP SETTINGS Suggested Player: 1 Difficulty: Medium (and then becomes easy) Objective: Rescue Sharos (a Hero Dark Templar) and some of his guards. Kill any foes you encounter. Story: New characters introduced as well as older characters (my

  • Seventh Circle.scm

    preview of Seventh Circle.scm

    (2)Seventh Circle One on one ashworld map. Only 3 expansions, and not much usable terrain for buildings. Pretty scenery and wide, clear marked paths to the important locations. What more do you need?

  • Balkhorn's Bad Times III

    preview of Balkhorn's Bad Times III

    Although I said Balkhorn's Bad Times III was going to be uploaded some time in May, I finished it earlier than I expected. This continues directly from Balkhorn's Bad Times II (download and watch it if you haven't seen that one). Movie length: about

  • (1)Challenge

    preview of (1)Challenge

    it's real stupid, but i put a lot of work into the triggers.

  • Impossible Dunes

    preview of Impossible Dunes

    Impossible Scenarios: Dunes is a three-player version of the popular Impossible Scenarios maps that has a slightly different take on the normal Impossible gameplay. It's credited to my old Battle.net account, Buon@U.S.East. My current account is Pr0nog

  • The Devil's Playground

    preview of The Devil's Playground

    Suggested Players: 2-4 Dare to play? Highly detailed terrain, terrific gameplay, 2x ore/gas for longer battles. - expand or die

  • Medieval Isles

    preview of Medieval Isles

    This map has tons of resources, namely gas. Credits to Blizzard for the map, I just made it better.

  • The Undead ToWn 2.0a

    preview of The Undead ToWn 2.0a

    The UnDead Town After running from the infested armies, you are lead to this particular town, upon finding a map in a booth, you find that this was Military RA, use the resources you find to Destroy the Disease Once and For all 6 survivors vs 2 infe

  • Puzzle Unsolvable v2

    preview of Puzzle Unsolvable v2

    This puzzle map is not really "unsolveable"...or is it? In this map, you are required to work together and communicate with your teammates (5 people needed minimum) to progress through each challenge. Frustration can and will ensue; those who are strong w

  • Survival Horror #1

    preview of Survival Horror #1

    You're 1 of 5 people mysteriously ended up in an installation. You and your teammates wants to survive and escape this installation so you'll have to solve puzzles and kill whatever enemies you see. Beware of traps and mysterious looking objects. There ar