• Sexcraft Brood Whores!!.scx

    preview of Sexcraft Brood Whores!!.scx

    Sexcraft: Brood Whores Disclaminer: Intended for Mature audiences In Sexcraft: Brood Whores the Starcraft world is transformed into a perverted world where everybody has a dirty name (teehee). Our heroes soon discover a horrible truth about their gir

  • The Truth is Revealed

    preview of The Truth is Revealed

    The fourth in a Zerg Campaign, known as War of the Scars Map Set: Ice 256x256 Difficulty Level: 6 moderately hard please, i would prefer, if you change this, to give credits to me. there are 27 maps total. and, as a future reminder, anytime one of

  • Zerg Empire

    preview of Zerg Empire

    The second in a Zerg Campaign, known as War of the Scars Map Set: Ice 256x256 Difficulty Level: 7 decently challenging please, i would prefer, if you change this, to give credits to me. there are 27 maps total. and, as a future reminder, anytime on

  • Impossible Dunes

    preview of Impossible Dunes

    Impossible Scenarios: Dunes is a three-player version of the popular Impossible Scenarios maps that has a slightly different take on the normal Impossible gameplay. It's credited to my old Battle.net account, Buon@U.S.East. My current account is Pr0nog

  • DotA AllStars v1.9.scx

    preview of DotA AllStars v1.9.scx

    DotA AllStars Thank You For Downloading My Map If You Get Some Bug/Error ,(For question or suggestion) Contact me On: nightdead20@yahoo.ca Now what do you think? Any suggestion. Version Of Map : DotA Allstars v1.9 Fix Bug:

  • Crystalline Park

    preview of Crystalline Park

    This map is located in the Kel-Morian Combine sector. Just as in the original mission, minerals are fuckin everywhere. Vespene Gas is not too scarce either; in fact, there is quite a substantial amount of Gas. You pretty much cannot run out of resources..

  • NBA LiVe 1.5.0.scx

    preview of NBA LiVe 1.5.0.scx

    NBA: LiVe 2010*1.5.0* The most complete basketball game for starcraft to date. See the project change log for listing of changes and map features or read the four minute briefing.

  • Napoleon's Ambition V1.scx

    preview of Napoleon's Ambition V1.scx

    Play the classic Napoleon's Ambition as the French Empire. You are up against the Computer Coalition and you must destroy them before they destroy you. Game is full of strategy and full of huge armies to command. This is Version 1 and is based off the Rad

  • RE TFS 0.5 Ver.scx

    preview of RE TFS 0.5 Ver.scx

    Resident Evil: The Forgotten Story Play a role of an avarage Raccoon City civilian in a character class/skills type RPG, using many diffrent kinds of melee and range weapons. A unique trigger system allows each gun weapon to have a diffrent kind

  • Quests OP3N RPG 

    preview of Quests OP3N RPG 

    [b]A new mod[/b], [i]check it out if you remember this game from back in the day this version is more challenging...[/i]

  • (6)Tactics Island.scm

    preview of (6)Tactics Island.scm

    It's a fun map when you play with an AI. This is actually my first map posted. please rate big though.

  • Lunar Zombie Survival.scx

    preview of Lunar Zombie Survival.scx

    This map is a 1-4 player City-Zombie-Survival type map. You recieve 20 gas and 2 civilians (recruits) each succsesfully zombie wave pwned. Gas is used for building photon cannons, pylons, bunkers, supply depots(barricades), and missile turrets. The civili

  • Monopoly 1.01.scx

    The board game Monopoly copied exactly onto Starcraft; completed 6/12/2009 with 1915 triggers. Recommended 3-4 players. Turn by turn controls occur in the center of the map using a civilian, and trading/mortgaging/houses are done out of inventories for e

  • Crucible.scm

    preview of Crucible.scm

    (2)Crucible - 1 on 1 melee map with 4 expansions, 3 different paths to the enemy, and varied terrain to encourage many different combat situations. Please comment on balance and terrain appearance

  • Super Mario SC 1.2.scx

    preview of Super Mario SC 1.2.scx

    Super Mario SC (By: Roy) In short, this map attempts to replicate the 2-D gaming aspect of one of the most respected Nintendo franchises in existence. You are Mario. Your goal? Grab all the coins and reach the end of the level. There are three force

  • Tetris SC v1.204s

    preview of Tetris SC v1.204s

    Tetris for Starcraft w/ Music! For 1 or 2 Players (+4 observers) Use Stargate for controls: A = left S = right C = rotate O = drop New level every 10 lines. Scoring increases every level, and obviously Tetris is worth the most, followed by trip

  • Platform.scm

    preview of Platform.scm

    (2)Platform Little standard Map with 1 exp. For every player is a little defensive platform in his base. Players:2 Size: 64x64